Environmental impact assessments and management plans

Latitude 42 offers a comprehensive service for environmental impact and risk assessment, including interpretation of legislative controls, background field and desktop studies, impact and risk analysis and development of appropriate management measures. In consultation with clients and other relevant stakeholders, Latitude 42 will formulate practical strategies and environmental management plans for mitigating impacts on the environment.Services provided by Latitude 42 for impact assessment and environmental management include the following components:

  • Assessment of relevant State and Commonwealth legislative controls and international agreements.
  • Assistance with submission of referrals under the Commonwealth government’s Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 (EPBC).
  • Database searches to identify sites, habitats and species of significance within regions.
  • Literature reviews and desktop studies to gather and present background information.
  • Identification of environmental risks and historical impacts
  • Field surveys and monitoring programs to collect necessary environmental data.
  • Identification of environmental values and areas of ecological and conservation significance.
  • Conservation biology and threatened species management.
  • Invasion biology and pest management.
  • Environmental risk and impact analysis for developments and industries.
  • Mitigation strategies to address risks to species and their habitats.
  • Environmental management plans and strategies for sites, activities, habitats and species of concern.
  • Threat abatement plans for key threatening processes.
  • Recovery plans for recovery and management of threatened species.