Independent and collaborative research and advisory services

Latitude 42 has an extensive research capacity, employing a number of highly qualified environmental scientists. We are therefore able to carry out research projects either independently or through collaborations with other organisations. Research projects can be carried out in collaboration with industry groups, management agencies, museums, universities and other research institutions. In addition, Latitude 42 provides an advisory service to State and Commonwealth government agencies, industries and other stakeholders seeking information on environmental issues.Research and advisory capacities of Latitude 42 encompass the following areas:

  • Implementation of independent environmental research projects
  • Provision of species and habitat inventories based on literature reviews and database information
  • Critical appraisal of documents relating to environmental issues and monitoring programs
  • Advice to government and industry groups during preparation and assessment of development proposals and regarding management of environmental issues
  • Assistance to government agencies, industry and other groups in the preparation of environmental management plans and strategies.